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Quantum Leap Consulting

Discover our DNA

Quantensprung Consulting is a consulting company that specializes in sustainable change and successful future design. Our expertise lies in supporting companies on a personal level as a manager and in the organizational transformation process. We help companies realize their visions and goals and motivate their employees by offering individual coaching and consulting programs. We work closely with our customers to develop tailored solutions that meet their specific needs.

Meeting in Krakau

We are your quantum leap team

Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

We can not only advise, we also implement it ourselves.

Everyone in their area of expertise.

Dramatischer Tanz

Our values form the foundation of our work


Those who love change shape the future. There is no sustainable transformation without sound change management.

Resource activation

Your potential is our driving force.

We bring out what's inside you.

Shaping the future


We work together to optimize processes for sustainable success in a results-oriented manner and open our eyes to new potential.


We rely on interdisciplinarity and professional experience. The combination with methodological expertise makes us problem solvers for a wide variety of tasks.

We provide impulses for future-oriented development. 

We make you and your organization resilient.


Your trust is our greatest asset. We create a collaborative partnership based on common goals.


And this is how we do it - your way to us:

Get to know: Make an appointment with us and get to know us. We listen to you and understand your needs.

Seminars: Our fixed range of seminars meets your needs exactly? Then bookhere.

Personal offer: Based on your needs, we create an individual offer with objectives, methodology and time frame.

Ready for your quantum leap?To contact Join us now and shape a successful future!

Team of industrial engineers
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Image by Austin Distel

Individual entrepreneurial and executive coaching

Image by Jo Szczepanska
Image by AbsolutVision

Personal development paired with current expert knowledge

for entrepreneurs and managers:

Leading in times of uncertainty and agility

Training and problem-solving workshops to activate your resources

Structured support for sustainable change

From conception to implementation, including partner acquisition and examination of financing options

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